2018 Dodge Dakota exterior and interior changes with improved specs

Dodge Dakota or popularly known as RAM Dakota is going to launch its fourth generation model very soon as the 2018 Dodge Dakota. Chrysler has always been very successful in overcoming their potential rivals like Ford and Chevrolet, and in the year 2000, this mid-size pickup truck won the award of being the best truck of the year.

First inaugurated in 1987, these models have now reached their fourth gen and Chrysler is going to make them more powerful with an improvised engine, more stylish, more comfortable and high tech features along with several new additions in their cabin.

2018 Dodge Dakota Front View

Exterior Look

2018 Dodge Dakota comes with a reinvented chassis. It shall be accompanied by a redesigned funky new fascia and an attractive grille. The body structure would not undergo any major change, but cosmetic changes will be spotted at large. Dakota will now have remote controlled doors, with a backdoor that will be sliding backward. Its grill will see more use of chrome and the Dodge logo has been placed right the middle of this grille’s four quadrants.

Since this truck was last updated in 2011, it still lacks LED technology that it will now be used in this upcoming 2018 model. So there’ll be new LED headlights and indicators would be moved from the side of this truck and will be placed exactly beneath its headlights. Dakota is to experience a loss in weight so it will presumably come with better towing capacity than it previously had.

2018 Dodge Dakota Side View

Interior aspects

The cabin of 2018 Dodge Dakota is to become way more luxurious than before. Its comfort quotient can be stated to be commendable for a mid-sized pickup truck. Change inside the cabin is almost revolutionary. There’s increased space for sure, and there’s enough room for five adults inside the truck. The fabric being used has also been carefully chosen. And they ensure a relaxing ride for the driver as well as passengers.

Entertainment features have equally improved. A display screen will be placed in the central console, and it will come with navigation facilities. It could also be used for entertainment facilities. So riders will be able to enjoy a pretty comfortable and entertaining ride. Safety features are standard and will certainly not let down the buyers.

2018 Dodge Dakota Interior

2018 Dodge Dakota Engine

Chrysler intended to use a powerful engine in the 2018 Dodge Dakota to affect its performance to a great degree and to put it a par with its competitor. So, 2018 Dakota will be powered by a 2.4-liter engine. Producing a drive of 190 HP and a torque of 182 lb-ft. This engine shall be used in the case of its base model. Words suggest that this will improve Dakota’s performance no doubt. But for people who need more power, other engine options are also available. This 2.4-liter engine will be coupled with five-speed or six-speed transmission.

Price and Date of Release

Price Range of 2018 Dodge Dakota will extend from $40,000 to $60,000. Date of its release cannot be confirmed yet, but it should be in early 2018.

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