2018 Dodge RAM Rebel to have drastic changes in appearance

Dodge has been known to create wonder vehicles since a long time now. They have managed to gather good repute in small trucks as well. By now, they have manufactured a considerable number of small vehicles, most of which are very much in demand. They have planned to release one of their facelifted cars for the next two years which is none other than 2018 Dodge RAM Rebel.

Very less information is available presently about this model as the brand has kept absolutely mum about it. One of the reasons is the huge time gap before release that has resulted in initial stages of a facelift of this pickup.

2018 Dodge RAM Rebel Front View

Facelift is in initial stages

2018 Dodge RAM Rebel is still in its infancy and there is lots of work that needs to be done on it. Dodge is presently making their final plans of a facelift after completion of which their plans will come in action. They do not want to reveal any of their plans right now as their plans are not yet stable. It is said that 2018 version of RAM Rebel is supposed to have drastic changes. This can either be good or bad for customers. But it is known that massive changes will be found mostly on the exterior of the vehicle.


Appearance wise this small truck looks very trendy and in all probability, this truck will be given a better and trendy appearance now after a facelift. These days, small vehicles are designed the same way as SUVs are designed. Hence, appearance level of small trucks is quite high. The grille section is still the same as most other Dodge cars have got. It is made of four rectangles or rather a big rectangular from the middle of which there is a plus sign made of metal. The brand logo is embedded in the center of the plus.

2018 Dodge RAM Rebel Interior

Build quality

Grille is made of mesh type structure. Headlights are trendy as they are made of LED that requires the least maintenance. They also produce bright light of white color with least energy consumption. There are indicator lamps in each headlight box. Front bumper is a small one with no provision for fog lamp. Ground clearance is optimum as it is neither too low nor too high. With a little care in driving, this vehicle can be saved from hitting the ground in worst road conditions. Standard quality 19-inch alloy wheels have been installed in this pickup truck.

2018 Dodge RAM Rebel Engine

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2018 Dodge RAM Rebel has got a 3.6-liter V6 engine as the base version that is the same engine as the present version. The power output of this engine might be increased to some extent with good tuning. No information has been disclosed so far regarding speed transmission of this model.

2018 Dodge RAM Rebel Side View

Consoles and Price

Latest consoles will be fitted inside 2018 version of RAM Rebel. This will raise the standard of this truck. 2018 Dodge RAM Rebel has been fixed with a price of around $21,000 for the base version and price will increase for higher versions.

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