2018 Dodge Rampage to hit the market with mesmerizing appearance

Dodge Rampage is known to be a high pickup truck of its kind at present. It is in great demand, and that has resulted in the brand to facelift this car into a more awesome one for customers. 2018 Dodge Rampage is arriving soon to drive you crazy so that you can drive crazily. There will be many similarities with the existing version but the few changes it will posses was very much required. This includes an exterior change to some extent along with changes in performance.


2018 Dodge Rampage scores quite well in its appearance since it does not look like a small truck in a first glance from the front view. This is one of the most important unique selling points of this car. It has been given the appearance of an expensive SUV. The grille is a U-shaped one that is divided into four segments and made of mesh type structure. Headlights are pretty big in shaped and LED make. There are two indicator lamps in horizontally aligned rectangular shape underlying each headlight box. Fog lamps are also installed in two sides of the front bumper that are sleek and horizontal too.

2018 Dodge Rampage Front View

Build quality

A portion of the grille lies horizontally in the bottom section of the front bumper. This will help in extra exchange of air between car and environment. Ground clearance of Rampage has been kept in such a height that is neither too low to increase the risk of hitting the ground, nor too high to distract the appearance. It is known that this time the goods loading capacity has been increased. This will help customers to load and carry more goods than before. High quality 19-inch alloy wheels has been installed which has the impressive strength to hold the car erect with its load.


The exterior is in sync with its interior since care has been taken for its interior as well. The interior of this car has been designed very well with latest consoles such as Bluetooth, navigation, climate control, audio system, Pandora Link for internet radio and iPhone connectivity, etc. Safety features such as dual airbag; lane departure warning and ABS are also provided.

2018 Dodge Rampage Interior


As far as engine specifications are concerned, 2018 Dodge Rampage has been installed with a 5.7-liter engine V8 with HEMI technology as its base version. This engine has been provided with Multi-displacement system, and it is produced by Chrysler. The engine is known to produce a power of about 345 HP and is powered by 5 automatic speed transmissions.

Fuel economy

In all probability, fuel economy will be enhanced after this facelift. This is because of advanced engine and reduction of curb weight. Curb weight reduces pressure on the engine for carrying the weight of the car. This, in turn, produces more energy for acceleration of the car. Hence you can travel more distances with the same amount of fuel.

2018 Dodge Rampage Side View

2018 Dodge Rampage Price

This brand has not yet revealed anything about the release date of this car. 2018 Dodge Rampage has been fixed with a price of around $30,000 for the base version and will reach up to $40,000 for the highest trim.

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