2018 Fiat Toro An Impressive Plan by Fiat

With the passage of time, the Fiat has gained special reputation because of the interesting drive options. The name of 2018 Fiat Toro is being more popular in the world nowadays. Users are required to check the special features and functions in order to learn how Fiat is going to capture the markets this time.

The big list of special trucks is getting bigger day by day. It has been noticed that muscular pickup trucks are preferred by the users. It is very popular that Fiat is among the leading manufacturers producing impressive pickup trucks.

2018 Fiat Toro Front View

Design, features, and Specs

Fiat will get a stylish design this time. The manufacturer will try to introduce special features with designs. Recent updates about the design confirm that Fiat will bring a new approach for the users. The body of this pickup truck has less weight because of the aluminum.

The exterior designing of the 2018 Fiat Toro pickup truck is equipped with special features. The manufacturer has tried to make the new pickup truck more attractive because of modern lights, bonnet, grille, bumpers and cargo space. The headlights are LED-based with chrome accent. This will be a new approach for any pickup truck available in the market. There are premium wheels with Faux (Front Skid) Plate. There will be two trim levels, Midline Adrenaline and Urban, expected in future. This is a perfect SUV truck just like Honda Ridgeline and Chevy Avalanche. Grille has two large horizontal openings. The bumpers have a stylish layout with special durability. This four-door vehicle has a big cargo space.

Interior layout of this pickup truck is decorated with modern features. The company has planned to make it an excellent drive option for the users. The interior segment is equipped with automatic climate control, satellite radio, adjustable seats, leather upholstery, power steering, decent dashboard, big display with HD screen, and navigation. It is also expected that Fiat will make it more luxurious for a comfortable drive.

2018 Fiat Toro InteriorSafety and competition

The 2018 Fiat Toro will compete with Honda Ridgeline, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger and Chevy Avalanche. It has safety belts, emergency brakes, parking assistance, rearview camera, automatic door and window locks.

Engine options

According to updates, there will be two engines for 2018 Fiat Toro. The base engine will be 1.6-liter fuel capacity with E-Torque 4 cylinders. On the other hand, the second engine has 2.0-liter fuel capacity with Multijet Turbo-diesel facility. Both engines will share a 6-speed automatic transmission. Next trim level will come with the 9-speed automatic. Fiat will introduce 2WD as well as 4WD options. The base engine will produce 138 hp while the second engine will give 170 hp.

2018 Fiat Toro Fuel economy

The new 2018 Fiat Toro will cover at least 21 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

2018 Fiat Toro


Release date and price

There is no news about the price of 2018 Fiat Toro. However, Fiat will launch it in the upcoming season closely to March.

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