2018 Ford Raptor features, engine, price

2018 Ford Raptor will come with the strength and features to conquer roughest of terrains. Ford Raptor has been the United States best-selling truck for years. Its very latest version will be equipped with qualities that will further improve its market position if it can get any better than it already is.

This truck has for years been outdoing other vehicles with its sales figures and has always provided with great fuel economy, utility, and features. But for a handful of consumers, the best is not enough. So Ford is now attempting to reach out to that fragment of consumers who need a sturdy vehicle that can climb and down the mountain and rage across deserts at great speed.

2018 Ford Raptor Front View

Exterior Design

The body design of 2018 Ford Raptor has been changed and to begin with, it involves usage of light material in its construction, that is, aluminum. Its frame is a new one and apparently it beats all other truck of Ford F-150 lineage with its strength. This strength is the result of using alloyed steel for enhanced tensile strength. Raptor would see an increase of 6 inches in its breadth as compared to F-150 standard models. Raptors grille is screaming ‘Ford’ remain how it was, and so does its lighting technology. The bumpers both in the front and rear are to become smaller. These changes have bestowed the truck with a true aggressive appearance that goes well with its nature and pretty much establishes this truck as an upcoming desert racer.

Also, there is improved suspension although it was already good enough to let the truck race through deserts. While Raptor is going to use same old 17-inch wheels, Ford claims they have been improvised to ensure a smoother ride.

2018 Ford Raptor Grille

2018 Ford Raptor Cabin

Not much info has been revealed about the Raptor’s interior. But sources suggest that it’s going to have a sporty impression, at least for the front seats. The four-door pickup truck can seat 5 passengers. There’s been an elaborate use of carbon fiber, and the steering is bulky and edgy. There has been an improvement in comfort provided to riders. Also, drives are now going to be more entertaining with several standard infotainment features. Also, expect to find lots of logo usage in the interior. Besides this, Ford has also taken care of safety amenities and 2018 Ford Raptor will be incorporated with all standard safety features of a pickup truck.

2018 Ford Raptor Interior


The engine used for 2018 Ford Raptor will be a 3.5-liter twin turboV6. This engine will be replacing the 6.2-liter V8 engine that is presently in use. Power generated by this V6 engine will, however, leave the V8’s 411 HP behind and reach 450 HP with 450 lb-ft. of torque. It will be coupled with a 10-speed auto transmission. Reports suggest that this 3.5-liter will only be used in Raptor, exclusively.


Price for 2018 Ford Raptor will not exceed the present version’s price by a huge margin and therefore, one can expect the base models to start from $50, 000. The SuperCrew, however, is expected to exceed $60, 000.

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