2018 Ford VelociRaptor is a Bad Boy in the Pickup Truck Segment

Ford F-150 Raptor is a familiar name in the pickup truck segment, but 2018 Ford VelociRaptor is a unique model among the F-150 lineup. Ford developed this special edition model with the help of Hennessey, who has been working with Ford for quite a long time. VelocyRaptor is a modified version of F-150 with better performance specs and custom Outlook.

Hennessey, which is popular for its super fast cars, is currently developing a new model of VelociRaptor with lightweight materials. The first generation of F-150 Raptor is fading in the market so; the demand for new models with the high-performance specs and massive roading capability is gradually increasing. So this is an ideal time for Ford to grab the market and launch this new design.

2018 Ford VelociRaptor Front View

Exterior Design

The all-new Ford VelociRaptor will be based on standard F-150 bodywork, but Hennessey will modify this truck in several areas. The whole body parts will be molded with lightweight aluminum materials that will increase the stability, acceleration as well as the mileage. To handle rugged terrain and bad off roading condition, the suspension will be upgraded to a Fox Racing Suspension. It will also get some massive fender that will protect the cab and body color from any scratch.

The essential equipment that will be eminent in the body is LED lamps, tough steel bumpers, modified 20-inch bead lock wheels, Hi-Lift jack features, driving lights in bumper, power folding running boards, rear side step, etc.

2018 Ford VelociRaptor Side View

2018 Ford VelociRaptor Interior Design

The interior portion of VelociRaptor will remain same because Hennessey engineers concentrate more priority to the exterior. The cabin area will look like a standard F-150 Raptor’s interior has the same design. Leather materials will be standard in every part of the cabin like seats, dashboard, cup holder and door handle.

The convenience feature will cover SYNC infotainment system, large touch screen cluster gauge, illuminated knobs, cruise control, satellite navigation, standard entertainment package, etc. It will also acquire many safety features like ABS, lane assist, hill assistance, engine immobilizer, etc.


New 2018 Ford VelociRaptorwill be powered by a monster engine which is a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that can easily crunch out 650 HP. This engine is modified with air to water intercooler, high flow fuel injector, cat back exhaust, ECU tune and high flow air intake. This engine will be loaded with electronically operated six-speed automatic transmission with AWD option. It can reach 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds and can hit a top speed of 186 mph. Although the EPA rating is still unknown, it will have better fuel efficiency due to the incorporation of aluminum materials.

2018 Ford VelociRaptor


2018 Ford VelociRaptor has a price tag between the range of $65,000 and $70,000. But before opting for a modified version, the customer has to buy the base model from Ford. Ford hasn’t revealed the release date of this pickup truck. There are only a few models that can match up to the performance of VelociRaptor. Chevy Reaper By Southern Comfort is one of them who can pose an intense rivalry.

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