2019 Dodge RAM 1500 The Truck of the Future

In the class of pickup trucks, the Dodge RAM has hardly seen any competition. That is quite expected since Dodge is one of the most renowned names in the muscle car industry for more than 3 decades. Now and when we think of a truck, the first thing that we look for is the strength. For the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500, the car giant is apparently planning on some really top of the line changes.

What these changes would be, however, are anyone’s guess as there have been no official confirmations. However, with more than a few experts in the field highly interested in the new offering from Dodge, we have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Front View

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Changes

The most important part that this vehicle will focus on is not to steal away customers looking for a new full-body pickup. This translates into making the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 distinctly unique to warrant a new garage addition. First up in this is a new chassis. The new model will most likely feature an all-new front design to keep the whole idea fresh. And since the chassis is being updated anyway. The front grille and the back body bumpers will also get a facelift. Another point that the new model will focus on is going to be weight. Since its inception a few years back, the RAM has been surprising everyone on the lookout for the vehicles in the same category by offering options which are significantly heavier than its competitions. An example being the Chevrolet Silverado, which is about 200 pounds lighter.

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Interior

With the new model, Dodge finally seems to be taking some positive strides in this direction. The primary objective behind the original design of the car was to opt for stability rather than speed. With the focus shifting in recent years on environmental concerns though, Dodge hopes to contribute positively to lowering the weight and improving the fuel economy. Talking of the interior, Dodge has been very secretive about the new 2019 Dodge RAM 1500. While we do not know for sure, it is expected that the new truck will feature all of the hi-tech features. This features including audio streaming, personal climate control, touch screen central dashboard etc. HUD headlamps, new grille etc. are also expected to be added in.


This is where the new car is supposed to shine. Dodge is apparently considering making 6-speed automatic transmission systems as default, upgradeable to the 8-speed versions. This gains all the more momentum with a Pentastar upgrade in the works. Not only will this offer an upward of 300 HP, there is also a choice to opt for the HEMI V8 version. This version is for the people really interested in raw power with more than 400 HP on the line. While other details are scarce, apparently the Pentastar upgrade will introduce big dual lift hydraulic cams into the mix to keep it all interesting. Diesel versions might just be introduced as well.

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Side View

Price & Availability

Expect a release date of 2018 at the earliest for the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500. It will have a base price of around $55,000. Expect the price to go higher with better trim levels.

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