2019 Dodge RAM 2500 Premium Truck

Since it was unveiled in 2013, the RAM 2500 from Dodge has seen a lot of positive reviews. While it is true that this has primarily been because of the lack of other good offerings in the market in the same segment, this does not necessarily mean that the car isn’t any good. In fact, it stands as one of the best pickup trucks we have seen in quite some time. With the introduction of the 2019 Dodge RAM 2500, this is only poised to get better.

2019 Dodge RAM 2500Exterior Changes

The first thing that Dodge has focused on while redesigning everyone’s favorite truck is keeping in mind that it is supposed to be made for people who like to have their tools with them at all times. As such, the new model has been equipped with an all-new tool stripe which is located on the sides. And in case you are worried about the safety of your precious tools, do not be since the new stripe is being designed with 50 KSI steel.

For the wheels, the 2019 Dodge RAM 2500 is being equipped with an electronic locking pivot system which will not only help with better handling but is expected to improve the overall driving experience as well. With an increased height of 2 inches and a 33-inch wheel on the table, this will definitely be one of the more unconventional vehicles we will be treated to. And yes, we are excited. The Dodge badge at the back and the front gives the vehicle the iconic Dodge look while keeping the overall styling decidedly muscular.

2019 Dodge RAM 2500 Front View

Interior Additions

The new 2019 Dodge RAM 2500 is looking to get a lot of changes done on the inside as well. This includes the addition of a 5-inch Uconnect infotainment touch screen which will include GPS, among other things. Voice control over Bluetooth will also be added in to give the car the technological edge. While the USB charging and the voice options will cost extra, the point is that they will be available nonetheless. There has also been an addition of HVAC control systems inside the cabin.


While there has been no real word on what will actually be under the hood, most experts feel that the new model will be equipped with a 6.4-liter HEMI engine reportedly capable of an output of 426 lb-ft of torque. With variable modes available for suiting your driving condition, this engine has been optimized to work perfectly for almost any kind of terrain, no matter where you are driving.

2019 Dodge RAM 2500 Side View

Price & Availability

Everyone would no doubt agree that the 2019 Dodge RAM 2500 is a premium pickup truck. As such, do not expect the price for the vehicle to below. In fact, with the base model pegged at around $46,000, expect your pockets to be significantly lighter if you are thinking of buying this. With higher trims, this can go up to as much as $56,000. Availability of the car is slated around the middle of 2018.

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