2019 Dodge RAM 3500 The Original Muscle Truck

When you think of an original muscle car, it cannot go any further than the all-new 2019 Dodge RAM 3500. In fact, with company planning on 2 more Dodge RAM models, we can easily see how popular the new brand of pickup trucks is. And Dodge is not letting any of this popularity to go to waste. As we always see, all the better for the customers who are getting an excellent choice of options to choose from.

While Dodge has been rather secretive about the new model, we can expect that the new model to feature a host of upgrades, accumulating all the previous upgrades done on the same. Besides the obvious modernization, another feature that the car manufacturer is expected to pay great attention to is the interior space.

2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Front View


The new model will have a lot of space to make the passengers feel welcome. Dodge has always focused on making vehicles which are solid to the touch and look. The 2019 Dodge RAM 3500 will be no exception to this rule. On the exterior changes, the front fascia will be raised giving the car a much more aggressive look. The exterior will also have a host of other aerodynamic changes which, Dodge hopes will not only make the truck more fuel efficient but soften the image a little to appeal to a bunch of potential pool of customers.

2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Interior

The pickup will also feature premium upholstery for the discerning driver. After all, what can be more premium than feeling the very best leather inside? As for the infotainment options, besides a host of connectivity options including USB and Bluetooth, this one should also be equipped with WIFI options. Technology points like keyless ignition, remote locking etc. should all be present as well. It is not clear though, whether these will be offered in the base version itself or be a part of additional upgrade packages. To say that the front grille is mean looking is an understatement. In fact, it is going to feature specially designed horizontal bars at the front to lend to the image.

Engine Options

Keeping with the current tradition among the different car manufacturers, the 2019 Dodge RAM 3500 will also come with a host of customizable engines. The first up is the 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine which is aimed at the power-loving drivers. For the more ecologically aimed people, a 3.6-liter Turbo Eco Diesel variant will also be available. While further details of the same are unavailable, expect significant power to be available under both variants for driving. The current version of the RAM is capable of a 0-100 speed in 8.5 seconds. With the new model, expect it to be worked on even further.

2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Side View

Market Availability

Some of the components of the 2019 Dodge RAM 3500 are still in developmental phase. After all, Dodge is making this a highly experimental muscle model. As such, expect it to hit the market around the middle on 2018. As for the price, while nothing has yet been officially confirmed. Expect the base model at around $30,000 with increasing price as trim levels go up.

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