2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain Big Fun Pickup Truck for Urban Living

The 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain is a powerful truck with modern features. This vehicle features new exterior design and improved engine. The new exterior and interior features of this pickup are sources of attraction for customers.

The price range of 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain model is $21,880 – $38,675.

2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain Front


This pickup truck features new design and parts. It also has updated grille, bumper and LED lights. We can expect new tires, wheels, side mirrors and other features. The increase in the length, width, and height of this pickup truck is also possible. The key features of 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain include temporary spare tire, underbody-mounted spare tire, and all season tires.

The painted alloy wheels will also upgrade this vehicle. All the body parts may enjoy some improvement in the design and specs. The exterior side of this model may offer a wide range of specs and features. The rear end may offer a new camera, bumper, and antenna. Similarly, the daytime running lights, auto delay headlamps, and dusk sensing headlamps will also improve the appearance of this truck. On the basis of all these specs, we can expect good ranking for this model in the market.

Interior Features

The interior features of 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain may include tire pressure monitoring, post-collision safety system and traction control. The bucket front seats and height adjustable driver seat will make the cabin features advanced. We may also expect vinyl seats and 4-way power driver seat. The cabin will also feature the rearview camera, electric power steering, and front door pockets. The passenger vanity mirror and air conditioner will also enhance the comfort of the cabin.

2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain Interior

This pickup truck may also feature a wide range of entertainment specs like speakers, radio, FM, LCD and volume control features. The LCD will support both audio and video players. The cabin will offer to seat for five passengers. The seats will be comfortable. The leather upholstery will upgrade the features of the cabin. We can also find the additional features in the cabin like USB ports, charging ports, hangers, and others. The cabin will also feature the storage space. The presence of LCD and keypad is expected on the dashboard.

Safety features

The possible safety features of 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain include airbags, seat belts, parking sensors and the rearview camera. The presence of cruise and adaptive control features is also possible.

2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain Engine specs

The 2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain may offer four-cylinder and the 2.5-liter engine. This gas engine will offer good value to fuel economy. The fuel tank capacity is around 21 gallons. It will offer 6-speed manual transmission system. This unit will generate the power around 200 hp and torque around 191 lb-ft. This engine may possess 16 valves. This engine will offer good performance than engines of previous models. The gearbox, steering, and brakes may also offer some improvement in the performance.

2019 GMC Canyon All-Terrain Side

It will offer fuel economy around 19 mpg in city and 26 mpg on the highway.

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