2019 Mercedes X-CLASS Pickup Truck will mark a new era for the company

2019 Mercedes X-CLASS pickup truck will be this company’s new small pickup truck to be launched. This truck will not be as small as what its tag specifies, it will carry premium looks and will have a strong muscular appearance. Mercedes has slowly been making their gap strong in the international market with new trucks, and this new truck will further enhance their grip.

Mercedes never fails their fans when it comes to delivering some high-quality products. This new vehicle will live up to its reputation and make Mercedes hold stronger in the automobile market.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Concept

Spectacular Engine and Impressive Fuel Economy

The exact configuration of new X-CLASS is unknown, but engine types have been already revealed. This pickup truck will have two engines, one which will be a four-cylinder variant and the other one which is going to be a six-cylinder variant.

The four-cylinder unit will run on gasoline while the other one will be powered by diesel. Fuel capacity, as well as power output and many more details, are yet to be revealed. There is a rumor circulating around the transmission choices that might be present in this new truck. According to numerous speculations, this pickup truck will be offering its fans with either six-speed auto transmission or seven-speed manually controlled transmission setup.

As the release date of 2019 Mercedes X-CLASS  comes closer, many more details will be revealed, till then it won’t stop pundits and fans from speculating and putting forward their opinions.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Front View

2019 Mercedes X-Class Expected Price Rates

It is only 2016, and fans would have to wait for at least two more years to know about the release date of this new vehicle. This truck is an ambitious approach by Mercedes, and it is destined to be a success.

According to latest speculations, 2019 Mercedes X-CLASS pickup truck will be available in the market by the end of 2018. Since no official dates have been confirmed, many fans believe that this truck will not be launched before 2019. So only time will tell and till then fans will be waiting patiently.

2019 X-CLASS is going to be priced somewhere around the $30,000 mark. Prices might be changed owing to the use of such superior materials in it.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Interior

New Features for the fans to expect

2019 Mercedes X-CLASS  is going to have all the premium features that many of its fans will be in awe about. This new vehicle is expected to have the following features and designs:

  • A hunky overall appearance which is Mercedes trademark
  • Cool Headlights along with LED-equipped tail lights.
  • Broad bumper set up with muscular hood and a sleek grille setup.
  • Infotainment system with plenty of new apps and touchscreen feature along with wide display screen.
  • Sufficient cabin space for four-five adults along with four separate door panels.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections along with USB ports and MP3 player slots.
  • Finely built seats with high-quality leather upholstery.

Multiple safety features like Lane Assist, Blind Spot Monitors, Cruise controls, Parking Assist, airbags, rearview camera and much more.

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