2019 Tesla Pickup Truck with High-Power Engine

The 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck would be a high-performance electric vehicle. This upcoming pickup truck may offer its blueprint for Ford F series. We can expect new exterior and interior design in this truck.

This pickup truck may offer more refined exterior features. This truck will feature F-150 design and specs. The front side of this pickup truck may offer muscular bonnet and rectangular shaped fog lamp. The presence of LED headlamps and full-length body colored bumper may attract the attention of people.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Front View


The modified chrome grill will also enhance the appearance of the front end. This truck will also feature body-colored side mirrors, chrome door handles and full-length footsteps. This four-door truck will possess 18-inch wheel with large wheel arch. The tires will have special wear and tear resistant system. The presence of large carrier bed is expected at the rear end. Similarly, the presence of black broad rear bumper and large taillight is reported at the rear end. The overall length of 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck is expected around 228 inches. The rear window will offer defroster and privacy tint. The overall capacity of cargo space in this model is around 80 cubic feet.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Interior

The cabin of this pickup truck may offer attractive and sophisticated features. The ventilated and heated seats are possible in the cabin. The presence of 3 way adjustable and 10-way adjustable seats are expected. The leather stitched seats will offer good comfort level. Similarly, we can expect the presence of steering wheel-mounted control, keyless entry and satellite navigation system in the cabin. This vehicle may offer latest infotainment system, large cluster gauge, and dual zone air conditioning system.

The 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck will also offer Bluetooth, HD radio and premium audio system in the cabin. All other basic features like hangers, USB ports, and seat upholstery are also expected in the cabin. The floor carpet and roof cover will create the ambient environment in the cabin of this model. On the basis of these specs, we can expect good position for this vehicle in the market.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Side View

Safety features

The safety features may include airbags, seat belts, and parking sensors. It may also offer satellite navigation and cruise control features.

Engine specs

We can expect the presence of high power electric engine in the hood of 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. It will feature automatic or manual gearbox and seven or eight-speed transmission system. This engine will generate good power but exact engine specs are not provided. It may possess standard 60 kWh batteries. The weight of body will reduce due to the presence of aluminum materials. Similarly, we can expect a good value of fuel economy in this way.

Fuel economy

Exact fuel economy is unknown but expected fuel economy of turbodiesel model is 31 mpg on the highway.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Rear View


The exact information is not available about the price of 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. The starting price may be around $35,000 for the base version.

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