Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept have blistering torque and great power

In the present automobile industry across the world, Nissan is playing a crucial role in manufacturing great models for its huge consumer base. The company is also well known for manufacturing midsize trucks. Nissan has launched many midsize trucks in past, and now they have launched Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept. They are also giving severe competition to many leading midsize truck automakers available in the market.

Recently concluded Chicago Auto Show is considered very crucial for most of the car enthusiast as there were many manufacturers those have launched their vehicles. In this context, Nissan has also tried their hand, and they have launched their latest model. This is particularly a concept project truck which has been developed by Nissan, and it is based on Nissan Desert Runner 4×4 mid-size pickup truck. In addition, the vehicle is also highlighted with a powerful powertrain by Cummins.

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept Front

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept Specs

It is evidently heard in the automotive industry that partnership between Nissan and Cummins seems comfortable which was started in 2010. Initially, the collaboration manufactured diesel engine for Nissan Titan, which was 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel Cummins engine. Now Cummins has also powered the latest Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept, model. It is expected that manufacturers have given 2.8-liter diesel engine at the heart of this vehicle which was developed at Cummins Technical Centre in Columbus. Engine given to the vehicle has the ability to generate the power of 200 Hp and 350 lb-ft of torque.

The ability to produce 350 pound-feet of torque is extremely impressive given the engine’s size. The rear wheels of Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept model will receive its power through 8HP70 ZF 8-speed auto transmission. This time, EPA ratings have also increased by 35 percent with this latest engine as compared to V6 engine given in its previous model. In addition, there will be no change in the towing and payload capacity of the vehicle and it will remain same as it was in the model featured with V6 powertrain configuration.

There has special red carbon fiber cover along with black carbon sides, and there have LED accents on it in order to provide cool lighting effect. Cummins engine is also expected to deliver impressive acceleration from a standstill, and it is considered very important to towing maximum loads. While comparing the latest 2.8-liter diesel engine with V6 gasoline 4-cylinder diesel engine which was given to its 2014 model, Nissan Frontier delivered 18 mpg in cities. But now as mentioned the fuel economy has increased by 35 percent, and it will deliver 21.6 mpg for its overall performance.

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept Cummins

It is stated by Marketing Communications Manager, Cummins for Columbus Steve Sanders that in order to manufacture  4-cylinder diesel Cummins engine both exhaust gas treatment system and the particulate filter is needed and it also urea to nullify the toxic emissions. But the makers and Cummins have used a different system for emissions, and it is exhaust gas recirculation system.

Exterior Design

Design for his vehicle has been given by Nissan Design America in San Diego, California with Nissan Global Design in Atsugi, Japan. The extremely well-designed logo of Cummins along with excellent paint job on the exterior of a vehicle had made it flamboyant. If Nissan really launches this vehicle then they will be able to see carbon fiber film coated drawls on its tailgate spoiler, roof rack, tonneau cover, mesh grille and chin spoiler

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept model has been given 16-inch six-lug alloy wheels those are inspired by Frontier Pro-4X. There will be BF Goodrich tires in which the front wheels are customised with satin black and silver paint, whereas the rear wheels are also customised with red and satin black paint.

The eye-catchy graphics design given to this vehicle also enriches the outlook of this Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept model. The major change can be seen in its hood as the designer shave used plastic and has covered the hood with matte grey finish.


The inner cabin of this midsize truck has been given minimal changes. The topmost feature given are three auxiliary gauges mounted atop coupe’s center console. They are boost gauge, transmission temperature gauge which helps the driver to get informed about the powertrain status, and there will be pyrometer which is used for exhaust gas temperature.

Sedan-like seats of this vehicle are manufactured with leather upholstery, and it will deliver utmost comfort to its passengers. In addition, shifter knob and steering wheel will also be wrapped in leather.

As of now, it is very difficult to mention the exact price of Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept model as the makers have remained silent on this occasion. But as per reliable sources in the automobile industry, it can be said that Nissan Frontier will cost more than $26,200 to its buyers.

Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept Side

As the company has designed the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner with some top-notch features, therefore it will also give tough competition to many midsize trucks already available in the market. Apart from that the most striking feature of Nissan’s Diesel Runner is it will have great power which is the foremost criteria for most of the buyers of the midsize truck.


Coming to its rivals, it is expected that Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Ram 1500 EcoDiesel will be its core competitors. It is important to mention that the Japanese automaker has stated that they are not sure that whether Nissan will manufacture Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Concept model as it will completely depend on the reaction and demand of the buyers. As of now, it will be very quick to assert anything on the arrival of this vehicle, and there is no speculation prevailing in the market.

Besides, Nissan Frontier’s Diesel Runner Concept is not as simple as “plug and play” as there will be added baggage to load it with an engine capable of delivering the goods with changing times. Let’s face it; pickup coupe markets world over are hot as cakes right now!

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