2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup Release Price

While some manufacturers are trying to improve existing models of their pickup trucks, others find inspiration in other segments. 2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup is a model that moves to conquer the market on the basis of pure statistics. Hyundai introduced the concept model in Detroit in 2015. According to many, the Santa Cruz mini pickup picked up only positive reviews. At that time began the development of a production model based on this concept, as well as the Hyundai Tucson SUV.

Research has shown first that Hyundai could sell about 50,000 copies of the new pickup truck model. Later this figure was increased by another 20,000. The new incentive was based on the price of the base model proposed by the company. The $ 25,000 could be the starting price of the model. It would be the direct competitor of the Honda Ridgeline model on the market.

Santa Cruz pickup

2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup Design

The recent delays and interruptions in the 2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup were caused primarily by the shift of the Hyundai sector. Suspicion of selection and final results 2020 Cruz pickup truck never existed. Presentation of the new model in the pickup truck segment will have its presentation at the end of 2018. Together with the new Santa Cruz pickup, a new upgraded version of the 2019 Hyundai Tucson SUV will also be available on the market, as well as another new model. It is a new 2020 Hyundai Palisade SUV eight-seat SUV.

The South Korean company plans to offer the Santa Cruz pickup primarily to the US market. Regardless of this decision, the concept will have to forget about the details of its appearance when switching to the production model. Most of the visual and mechanical elements of the concept will still be present. Starting from the platform that the Hyundai Santa Cruz 2020 model will share with the Tucson SUV model. The futuristic look combined with the functional elements of the model has been successful at the very beginning of the appearance. What is not known for the moment is the purely mechanical part of this vehicle.

Interior of 2020 Hyundai pickup

Specs of 2020 Santa Cruz pickup

According to Hyundai’s mechanics, the drive units of the Tucson SUV, maybe are not the best solution when the new truck is in question. The 1.7 liter and 2.0 liter CRDi turbo diesel engines are the main part of this SUV model. These engines will not be part of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup offer 2020. You will ask yourself, which engines will then start this mini pickup truck? We still do not have the official confirmation of the company. There are no known volumes.¬†For now, these drives Hyundai devoted to the new Genesis line. The biggest problem is that the engines from the new Genesis models are primarily present on the European market. The concept of the 2015 had a four-cylinder 2.0-liter with 190 horsepower (142 kilowatts) and 300 pound-feet (406 Newton-meters). According to the company, this engine perfectly matches the character of such a vehicle.

2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup in the final version we can expect on one of the upcoming auto shows. That would mean that in 2019 we will enter, with an extremely expanded offer of trucks models. Going out of the segment of vehicles intended exclusively for work, it pushed the bidding limits and what the pickup truck model was up to now.

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