2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition Premium Mid-Size Pickup Truck

The 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition is a beautiful pickup truck. It has dark tones on the body instead of bright chrome work. This alteration makes this vehicle more beautiful and elegant in appearance.

The key exterior features of this truck include a black front grille and murdered out style of wheels. We can also expect the presence of dark tones on the exterior body to make this vehicle more imposing.

2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition Front


The front end will offer bright red GMC logo, lower fog lights, and LED-infused headlights. We can expect trim work under the side windows. On the doors of this model, we can expect touches of chrome.  The 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition may arrive in different color schemes. The side mirrors may offer some changes. The presence of a rearview camera is also expected in this edition. The height, width, and length of this truck may remain similar to the previous edition. The company may bring some minor changes in the design of this pickup truck to make the difference.

2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition Interior

The cabin of this pickup truck may offer big changes like updated infotainment system, dashboard, safety features and comfortable seats. The five passengers may travel in the cabin with ease. The front seats of this pickup truck are adjustable and moveable. They have advanced features than the previous model.

The 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition may possess 4G LTE, Bluetooth, USB ports and WI-FI hotspot. The presence of additional features like auto-dimming rearview camera, leather covered steering wheel, satellite radio and LCD is possible in the cabin. The passengers will enjoy the latest version of entertainment and features. The leather seats, USB ports, and hangers will improve the efficiency of the cabin of this model. The increase in the storage space is also expected in this model. The upgraded infotainment system will offer extra features to passengers.

2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition Front View

Engine specs

The 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition will feature 3.6-liter V6 engine. This unit will show the output of torque around 269 pound-feet of torque and power around 306 horsepower. The engine will show the best performance of this truck. The rise in the value of fuel economy is also expected of this pickup truck. All the parts and features of this engine will show improvement. This engine will feature six-speed automatic transmission systems. The towing capacity of this truck is expected around 7,000 pounds. We can expect good features and feedback from this unit.

On highway road condition, this truck may show the fuel economy around 26 mpg. In the city, the fuel economy will be around 21 mpg.

Safety features & competitors

The main rival of 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition is Chevrolet Colorado. The possible safety features of this vehicle may include airbags, seat belts, cruise control and adaptive control features. The presence of additional safety equipment is also expected.

2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition Side View


The starting price of 2018 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition is $29,460. The increase in the price is also possible.

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