2019 RAM Rampage A Premium truck

While the term comfortable is not associated with trucks in the current market, RAM is looking to change that aspect with the introduction of the 2019 RAM Rampage.

Based on the design of the ever popular Fiat Strada, a vehicle doing particularly well in Europe and Mexico, RAM hopes to capitalize on a market sector which is, as of yet, undeveloped.

2019 RAM Rampage

Exterior Design

The pickup truck begs to be looked at. We are not kidding when we say that this model is one of a gorgeous truck we have seen in the industry. In fact, the sleek curves on the outer side of the body in gloss black had us fall in love at the first sight. Besides giving a very nice visual upgrade, Rampage is supposed to be much more streamlined than it’s earlier counterparts, hoping to increase the aerodynamics of the body and thus, fuel economy. RAM trucks are usually based on a single mold body. This is obviously in order to increase body strength, flexibility and help with the ease of control.

The 2019 RAM Rampage is no deviation from this. However, seeing the sleekness that this vehicle represents, we are wondering how the engineers at RAM managed to incorporate all this. In collaboration with Fiat, RAM has drawn on the expertise of the engineers there as well. This is highly evident in the bigger overall dimensions of the car both on the outside and the inside. The roof rails are expected to be a mix of metal and carbon fiber in order to keep them sturdy yet lightweight. As for the guards on both front and the back, lightweight materials have been opted for. The lights have been redesigned with a LED option in mind as well.

2019 RAM Rampage Rear View

Interior Design

RAM has always paid special attention to small details in its models to make them the premium. With the 2019 RAM Rampage, this is immediately noticeable on the inside. With premium leather upholstery slated to be available along with a multi-functional steering wheel incorporating several functions. It is easy to see why the RAM trucks are so high in demand. There is, of course, a central touchscreen control which sits squarely on the front dashboard. This includes the usual GPS, controls for the infotainment system. Also, the connectivity options along with the more unusual diagnostic tool for the vehicle in case anything goes wrong. On the luxury front, usual power seats and dual control climate options are also available.

2019 RAM Rampage Engine

On the powering front, there are expected to be more than 1 option available to choose from. The foremost among these is the 1.4-liter naturally aspirated turbocharged engine capable of an output of 110 HP. The next option is the 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine which will be much more efficient than the first version. With a slated economy of 18 mpg in the city and 27.5 mpg on the highways, this pickup is expected to be ways ahead of almost any other option in the current market.

2019 RAM Rampage Side View

Price & Availability

Slated to be available in the last quarter of 2018. Expect this model to retail with a price tag of around $60,000.

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